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Does your roof have a bad case of the shingles?


Does your roof look like this or worse? Depending on the severity and coverage area, curling shingles and loss of asphalt indicate that you may need a new roof or repair.

The Roofing Pros at Master Renovations Can Do So Much More than Simply Cure a Bad Case of the Shingles.

Roofs around this part of the country aren’t only composed of asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. Metal roofs have remained quite popular among homeowners and owners of commercial buildings. And they’re just as vulnerable to storm and other weather-related damage as their wood and petroleum-based counterparts.

Just ask Kathy Kline, whose seven year-old metal roof on her farmhouse sustained severe damage in last year’s catastrophic hail storm. To make matters worse, it wasn’t just her home that took a direct hit. It was also all of her outbuildings, plus nearby rental properties that she owned.

That’s why she called Ben.

The roofing team at Master Renovations quickly swung into action for Kathy. Although her existing roof wasn’t still under warranty coverage, fortunately her homeowner’s policy fully paid all of the costs. With Ben’s expert guidance, she ended up choosing Premier Metals, a top-rated metal roof manufactured right here in Ohio as the replacement.

The workmanship on the job was impeccable. (Well, ok, Master Renovation had to come back to make one slight adjustment on Kathy’s gutter helmets. But that was it.) “If there’s ever any problem, Ben will take care of it right away,” she added.

While excellent homeowner’s insurance is always essential to have, never underestimate the importance of having an excellent warranty on your home’s roof. That’s why Master Renovations is proud to offer the SureStart or SureStart Plus warranty on every CertainTeed roof they install.

SureStart is a sure winner because it covers not only 100% of the cost of replacing defective roofing shingles for the first 20 years (50 years, in the case of SureStart Plus), it also covers 100% of the labor costs to replace them, if needed. SureStart/SureStart Plus coverage is non-prorated, and completely transferable to subsequent homeowners, which could make it a valuable asset in the event you ever decide to sell your home, even years down the road.

CertainTeed can offer this excellent coverage because their roofing products because of their outstanding materials, craftsmanship, and manufacturing processes. Master Renovations backs it up because we take great pride in our workmanship and stand firmly behind it. In short, problems rarely occur.

Or, as Kathy puts it, “Today, tomorrow…Ben’s there if you ever need him.”