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Does vinyl siding help with energy bills?

The Coldest Months of the Year Bring Some of the Biggest Energy Bills of the Year. We Can Help.

Diagram of home heat loss percentages

How Heat Escapes

With January upon us, many Ohioans are trying to find ways to stay toasty warm without having to raid their kids’ college savings funds to pay the sky high gas or electric bills to do so. Of course, probably the best solution is to make your home more energy efficient.

Vinyl siding from Master Renovations Inc. in Orrville can do just that, and make your residence much more attractive in the process. All it takes is replacing the old, faded, weatherbeaten siding that’s presently encasing your home with insulated vinyl siding.

Is insulated vinyl siding from Master Renovations Inc. effective? Fact is, due to its ability to reduce thermal bridging (when materials with poor insulating qualities come into contact with each other and allow heat to pass right through), it has been added to the checklist of building products and methodologies that can meet the requirements of Energy Star Qualified Homes, Version 3.

Further, the rated R-value of insulated siding from Master Renovations Inc. can be used to calculate the energy performance of an entire wall. This is sometimes called the “U-factor” of a wall.

Turn Your Home Into a High Performance Home

Let’s talk about thermal bridging in a little more detail. In the majority of homes, insulation is typically placed between the studs inside the exterior walls. Studs, whether they’re wood or metal, have very poor insulating qualities, and allow heat (or cool, in the summer) to flow through from the interior to the outside almost unhindered. Well, these studs represent up to one-quarter of the wall surface. So that’s like having one entire exterior wall of your home completely uninsulated.

Insulated vinyl siding professionally installed by Master Renovations Inc. is like wrapping your entire home in a warm, comfy blanket. Insulated vinyl siding has an R-value that exceeds steel siding, uninsulated vinyl siding, stone, stucco, or even brick.

Insulated vinyl siding also provides sound dampening from street and highway traffic, lawnmowers, trains, airport noise, barking dogs, and other neighborhood distractions.

Listen to Our Customers

After an ice storm last year, Anne Marie Weatherwax of Glenmont, Ohio called upon Master Renovations Inc. to repair storm damage to her roof and siding, and to correct mistakes made by a previous contractor. “I’ve been very much satisfied with both the quality of Ben’s work and with the Nordic vinyl siding that he put on,” she said.

Mary Jo Hanners also enlisted Master to repair the roof and install vinyl siding on both her home and two-story garage following a hailstorm in 2012. “I was so satisfied with the workmanship and professionalism of Ben’s crew that I recommended Master to my son for his home,” she added.